This workshop is for those ready to take on the role of training, evaluating, supporting and mentoring Coach Developers, ie. Learning Facilitators, Coach Evaluators and other Master Coach Developers.  Master Coach Developers (MCDs) must possess adequate knowledge and expertise in facilitation to assist in training Coach Developers and to lead workshops and professional development experiences for Coach Developers.   It is expected that MCDs will have more responsibility in a supportive role with Coach Developers during workshops, evaluations, and in Coach Developer development.  MCDs should be willing and able to lend support to Coach Developers, program administrators, and delivery host agencies.  This Core Training Workshop will include the following modules: Role of the Master Coach Developer, Selecting Coach Developers, Evaluating Learning Facilitators, Mentoring Coach Developers, and Training Coach Developers.

*Participating NCCP Certified Coaches and Coach Developers will receive 30 NCCP PD Points!