Host – Alberta Sport Connection

Natalie Durand-Bush – Co-Founder: Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport

Anastasia Bucsis  – 2010 / 2014 Olympian

In this session, Dr. Natalie Durand-Bush; a sport psychology professor and Co-Founder of the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport along with Anastasia Bucis; a two time Canadian Olympic Speed Skater will discuss a number of aspects related to mental health and sport. The differences between mental health, mental illness and mental performance, the prevalence of mental health challenges/mental Illness in sport vs. the general population and Duty of Care; why coaches should care about athletes’ mental health and their own mental health will all be examined. Anastasia will provide insight into her story as an Olympic Speed Skater and the effects mental health have had on her throughout her career and how she has been able to transition into her role with the CBC.  The session will conclude with insight into how a culture of positive mental health is being created with specific action items and takeaways that can be incorporated into our daily lives.