Injury is a clear threat to quality sport programming and a lead factor in sport withdrawal for young people in Canada. Where, when, why and to whom injuries occur in recreational and high performance sport remains largely unknown. In the modern environment where basic technology allows instant sharing of information across the globe it is unacceptable that collectively we do not know a simple count of how many concussions, ACL, or broken arm injuries occur in organized sport programming in Canada. Further, the lack of granular information precludes organizations from implementing strategies to create safer pathways to performance and improve the overall experience of the athlete. Preventing injury is not about eliminating the fundamentals of the activities, but rather enhancing the strategic operation of the organization to provide the best possible outcome for athletes within the parameters of that activity. Measuring injury is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure injury, you can’t understand, control or improve it. This presentation will highlight a Canadian solution – Play Safe Injury Tracker – that leverages today’s technology to provide a free web-enabled platform for sport organizations to address the gaps described earlier. The online tool was developed through extensive multi-sector consultation and has been successful in tracking injury at multi-sport and single sport competitions. Together we can build a national injury surveillance strategy to enhance the Canadian sport system and drive quality experiences for all participants.