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Michael Cook

Head Coach, AIM Sport Conditioning , University of Alberta

Originally from Sunderland, United Kingdom, Michael was exposed to a number of sports growing up but was encouraged to try out for the local rugby team and went on to play professional rugby for a number of years.

During this time he was very fortunate to be mentored under some of the world leading sport scientists and strength and conditioning professionals at Northumbria University in Newcastle. This then sparked his passion for working with athletes in a high performance setting and ultimately in the area of strength and conditioning. In his current roles at the University of Alberta, Michael is the Head Coach for Sport Conditioning and is responsible for not only delivering sport conditioning to varsity, post varsity, professional and national level athletes, but also the mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students in this area through lecturing and systematic mentorship opportunities. Michael is also the Manager of the ASDC – Capital Region whereby he ensures that sport science support is delivered to emerging athletes and coaches through strategic partnerships with identified provincial sport organizations and the ASDC – Calgary Region.
Michael continues to be active in multiple sports and activities but continues to enjoy crushing his students at squash on a regular basis. Michael recently became a proud father and is truly understanding the concept of fatigue”.