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Ron Wuotila

RW Sport Performance Consulting

Ron has been fortunate to have worked in a diverse group of environments over the course of his career, including exposure to three unique sport cultures in Canada, the USA and Great Britain. He has worked within programs that have very different funding support systems.

Ron has twenty years of coaching experience and exposure from youth to the NCAA to the Olympic Games. He has experience in three different countries as well as the full spectrum of financial support from fully funded, to club based programs. Ron has managed numerous coaches from a multitude of sports which has provided an appreciation for the diversity of approaches within each sport as well as the effectiveness of different coaching styles.

Ron has experience leading teams, departments, and programs of all varieties, including university and Olympic Games programs. He developed the first ever student athlete centered leadership program at the University of Calgary, called Dinos LEAD. Further, he has experience with governance and leadership as a board member of several athletic associations.

He made significant contributions to the British Basketball Strategy “Game On” as well as the strategic plan for participation in the 2012 Olympic Games. Ron served as VP of Strategy for the Canada West Conference for two years. Ron has either lead or facilitated on numerous strategic developments or reviews over the course of the past 25 years.